Ben E.'s Hibernation Station it's an opportunity for your camper to pick a special treat to have after lunch when we're at VMP!
This is for any camper at Camp Discovery or Adventure Unit. Also, this is completely optional!
A membership is required to choose one ice cream or candy per day. Campers will use this when we travel to VMP. This will be the only way a camper can get ice cream or candy while at VMP. Items are typically around $1 or $2 and the choices will vary throughout the summer. Memberships come in denominations of $2, $5, $10, or $20. Sign up prior to the start of your session. Balances will carry throughout summer 2022 only! This is nonrefundable and non-transmittable. Parents are asked not to bring cash to camp/VMP and memberships may be purchased throughout the summer! Don't miss out on this tasty treat!
To register for your Ben E's Hibernation Station Pass click here