Welcome to South Windsor Parks & Recreation's Day Camps!
We take pride in our camp programs, and each is uniquely designed to fit you and your child's needs. This summer, we will have three camp programs held at SWPRD's home base: South Windsor Parks and Recreation Facility! We are pleased with the convenience of having a one-stop-shop for all camps at this cohesive location and are excited that each camp will continue to remain its own separate entity. We believe summer camp is about having fun, making friendships, teamwork, and of course, recreating! We can't wait to see you there!
Important Information Before Registering!
Check our Facebook page for a registration start date. Spots fill quickly and we don't want you to miss out on all the summer fun!
Little Explorers, Trailblazers, Camp Discovery, and Adventure Unit are NUT FREE camps.
Please do not send your child to camp with any nut products. This includes peanut butter sandwiches.
Please reference our parent handbook on the bottom website for more information.
Payments may be made in full or placed on a payment plan. Payment plans require a deposit of $25 per session, per camper. Deposits are non-refundable after June 1, 2024. Balances will be due one week prior to the program’s start date (balance will be an automatic credit card charge). Any non-payment will result in withdrawal from the program. Extended day programs must be paid in full at the time of registration.
Wait List Policy
Please make note that South Windsor Parks and Recreation now has a new wait list policy! RecDesk has updated the system to now make it easier for families and staff alike. When spots in the program become available, office staff are now able to approve online registration for the next participant on the wait list. This approval will be sent via an email to the primary email under the child’s account with instructions on how to register. This approval will only last for 24 hours and registration will need to be completed within that timeframe. After 24 hours, the registration approval expires and office staff will move on to the next child on the waitlist. To make sure you do not miss any registration emails, please verify that the email under your child’s account is the email you would like to monitor for waitlist updates.
Medical  Information
Every year, campers must fill out a health history form with updated information prior to the start of camp. Continuing this year, to the convenience of our users and camp staff, we are using online forms through ePACT. Having registered for a camp program, you will receive an email prompting you to fill out the necessary paperwork online about a week or two prior to the start of your session. If we do not have your medical form, your child will not be able to attend camp for safety reasons. Our forms do not require a doctor's signature.
Full-Time RN For Camps 
Continuing this year, we will have a registered nurse on-site during all program hours. This nurse will be available for Little Explorers, Camp Discovery, and Adventure Unit while they are on site. We will continue the medical administration and first aid training of our management staff and have an acting first aid responder when and if camps travel offsite for field trips. Our camps nurses' email is Nurse.swprd@gmail.com
Our staff is the strength of our day camps. We continuously have a competitive hiring pool for top-of-the-line employees. Our counselors have the ability to make connections with your children on the playground, highlight the value of teamwork during group game activities and teach patience and creativity during arts & crafts, all while acting as mentors to our campers. Additionally, all camp personnel is trained in standard first aid, and CPR and have training on blood-borne pathogens, child development, child abuse recognition, and reporting, diversity awareness, positive discipline, games, leadership, and much more.
INTERESTED in joining
our summer camp team?
Apply online or in our office! Application Deadline: 4/1
(Late applications will be considered on an
as-needed basis April-August)

Camp Registration

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Kindling Care

ACA Accredited Camp
Welcome to Kindling Care Camp! Join us as we greet summer and prepare for the big event...camp! This program will immediately follow the last day of school and will be held on a day-to-day basis. Due to the Board of Education adopting a 180-day school year, this program is longer than originally advertised in the brochure, which is also reflective in the cost. These dates may be altered depending on the school calendar. Each day, participants will meet at Parks & Recreation Facility and participate in arts & crafts and field camps. 
Camp runs June 17 - June 21,2024 , 7:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
This Camp is for South Windsor Residents Only.

Little Explorer Schedule

Important Session Information: 
Session A   Session B     Session C     Session D     Session E     Session F     Session G     Session H
(Session Letters will be released the week prior to the start of the designated camp.) 

Trailblazers Camp Schedule

Important Session Information: 
Session A     Session C     Session D     Session E     Session F     Session G     Session H
 (Session Letters will be released the week prior to the start of the designated camp.)  

Camp Discovery Schedule

Important Session Information: 
Session A   Session B     Session C     Session D     Session E     Session F     Session G     Session H
 (Session Letters will be released the week prior to the start of the designated camp.)  

Adventure Unit Schedule

Important Session Information: 
Session A   Session B     Session C     Session D     Session E     Session F     Session G     Session H
 (Session Letters will be released the week prior to the start of the designated camp.) 


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