Youth Basketball

Recreational Jim Snow Youth Basketball League (Grades K-12)

Proudly named for former long-time Recreation Director, Jim Snow. This fun, recreational league emphasizes the importance of a team, while developing skills. We offer a progression of divisions beginning with kindergartners in our Mighty Mites hoop division all the way through senior year of high school. Since the goal of this league is to provide fun, recreation play for youth, we require participants to play within their designated grade level division.

Become a Volunteer Youth Basketball Coach!

Our town’s vast youth recreation basketball league is produced by over 100 volunteer coaches each season! Coaches are among the most influential adults in the lives of youth athletes and they are essential for a great season. If you or someone you know is interested in leading a team of youth basketball players, visit us online and register to be a coach!

In order to provide quality coaches training, process background checks, and for ample time for coaches to plan their season, the deadline to register as a coach is Friday, October 15th. We will host a mandatory coaches orientation and seminar prior to the start of the season in November.

Jim Snow Youth Recreation Basketball Philosophy

Health and Safety

As a town organization, we believe that the health and safety of the players entrusted to our care is a serious responsibility.

Responsible Leadership

We believe we have an obligation to parents to provide responsible leadership possessing good judgment.

Player Experience

We strive to maintain our program in such a way that all players will have the opportunity to broaden their horizons, to gain knowledge by acquiring new skills and to experience the joy of friendship.

Equal Play Opportunity

All divisions in the South Windsor Jim Snow Youth Basketball League have very specific playing time rules designed to allow each child the opportunity to play at least one half of every game. Every child will be assigned to a team. There are no cuts from South Windsor Jim Snow Youth Basketball. Please be sure to register before the deadline to ensure your child is placed on a team.



  Advanced Boys Playoff Bracket
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  Advanced Boys Standings
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  Boys Advanced/Senior Basketball Rules 2021/2022
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  Boys Junior/Intermediate Basketball Rules 2021/2022
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  Intermediate Boys Playoff Bracket
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  Intermediate Boys Standings
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  Junior Boys Playoff Bracket
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  Junior Boys Standings
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  Senior Boys Playoff Bracket
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  Senior Boys Standings
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