Due to the Covid-19 virus, social distancing and sanitation requirements put in place for the protection of the community, Parks and Recreation will be cancelling or postponing our programs, events and facility reservations until April 30, 2020. This includes the closure of all outdoor pavilions, basketball courts, tennis courts, athletic fields, public playgrounds, the Nevers Park Skate Park and Bark Park. We hope in this time we can improve and create quality programs for our community to participate and stay active during these difficult times. We are working with the Health department for guidance on future events and programs in order to continue focusing on the health and safety of all our citizens. Anyone who has already registered for programs and events through the end of April will be receiving a refund either by credit card or check.

For the latest updates and to stay connected with new and fun at home activities, visit our Covid-19 page here.

As a reminder the Town of South Windsor government buildings remain closed to the public until further notice. Staff is reachable by phone (860) 648-6355 or by email rec@southwindsor-ct.gov.

UPDATE - Thursday, March 19, 2020

Purpose and Duties

The men and women of Parks and Recreation are dedicated to providing quality programs and facilities, improving services and park infrastructure, as well as responding to public needs and concerns with pride. We will continue to work extremely hard and keep a close eye on any problems that arise with our fields, facilities and programs so that we can continue to be proactive.


Regular Duties
  • Care for all athletic fields on town property
    • 15 baseball/softball
    • 26 open space fields for soccer, lacrosse, field hockey and football
  • Maintain all irrigation systems at athletic fields and public grounds
  • Provide daily vacuuming of the pools at Veterans Memorial Park
  • Prune all shrubs and trees at all town buildings, schools and parks
  • Partner with the friends of South Windsor Bark Park group to maintain the Bark Park within Nevers Park
  • Maintain 6.5 miles of trails at Nevers Park, Wapping Park, and Major Michael Donnelley Preserve

  • Paint approximately 4 to 5 miles of boundary lines per week at park athletic fields in the fall
  • Spends a couple of days each fall maintaining the dams on Avery Street, Dart Hill and Beelzebub Road in preparation for the annual state inspection (includes mowing all the open areas and massive string trimmer work along the base of the dams and the steep embankments’ that the mower can’t access)
  • Assemble, deploy and install park benches, picnic tables and grills
  • Till the community gardens on Avery Street
  • Assist with the town’s leaf harvest and snow removal operations

  • Began an in-house restoration of the 4 tennis courts at Timothy Edwards
    • Trimmed back all the over-growth along the fence
    • Saw cut all the major cracks
    • Removed the failed asphalt
    • Refurbished the exposed base material
    • Re-set posts and center strap anchors as needed
    • Re-paved with 25 tons of bituminous
    • Will have the entire surface re-painted and the boundary lines striped before we install brand new nets in the spring
  • Recently renovated the Nevers and Rotary baseball fields
  • Finished mowing and string trimming the dams in just 1 ½ days, which passed the inspection with flying colors
  • Dragged 3 enormous pool covers over nearly 100 tethered floating plastic drums to help support the weight and keep the tarps from resting directly on the water to minimize collection of leaves and debris which would otherwise decompose and become problematic in the spring (done with help from the Streets Division and Pollution Control)
  • Completed all of the site work for the new 12 foot by  20 foot “snack shack” building located by the back gate entrance to Veterans Memorial Park on time for the delivery by Kloter Farms on November 16th