Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  When, and how can I find out about parks and recreation offerings and services?

            A: Our catalog, called “Parks & Recreation Magazine”, is directly mailed to virtually every

                 mailbox and PO Box in town twice annually.  You can expect to see it arrive in early

                 March to announce our Spring/Summer activities and a second issue is released in

                 early August to promote our Fall/Winter offerings.  Our website, 

        and Facebook, are

                 also excellent sources of information and updates.


Q:  How do I register for parks & recreation programs and services?

              A: You are in luck!  There are four easy ways to register!  (1) In person by visiting us at

                   the Wapping Parks & Recreation Facility  91 Ayers Road, South Windsor, CT 06074. 

                   (2) Mail in a registration form to address above. Mailed registrations are processed

                   at end of business day.  (3) Fax forms to 860-648-5048. Faxed registrations are processed

                   at the end of the business day.  (4) And, the most convenient method is from the comforts of  

                   your home Online by going to

                   Please note that telephone registrations will not be accepted, and registrations cannot be

                   accepted without FULL payment and a completed registration form.


Q:  What facilities are available for the public to reserve for group or family parties, gatherings or events?

            A:   You are in luck again!  We have a number of great rental facilities available! Seasonally we

                   have the Rotary Pavilion at Nevers Park, 55 Chief Ryan Way, the Rotary Pavilion II at

                   Veterans Memorial Park, 575 Pleasant Valley Road, and an assortment of athletic fields.

                   Year-round we offer a brand new Banquet Hall and a smaller party room at the Wapping

                    Parks & Recreation Facility, 91 Ayers Road.  Our friendly customer service staff can help

                    you with the reservation by calling 860-648-6355, Mon. through Fri. from 8am to 4:30pm. 

                    For details – hours, pricing, etc visit our website at, or give us

                    a call, or shoot us an email at


Q:  I have to cancel a registration or reservation.  Can I get my money back, what is your refund policy?

            A: Many programs are very popular and fill quickly, so quickly that we often have waiting lists for them. All requests for cancelations, refunds, or transfers must be made in writing via email to or in person in our office located at the Wapping Parks and Recreation Facility. In order to allow us time to process your request and fill spots from the waitlist, all requests must be received by 4:30 p.m. on the Wednesday prior to the start of the program. All refund requests are considered on a case-by-case basis and are subject to the discretion of the Parks and Recreation Department, and as such, full and/or pro-rated refunds are not guaranteed.



                  For 4th R and Preschool cancellation/refund policies, please see the department info on our website.


Q:  How do I sign my child(ren) up for local sports programs like Little League, soccer, lacrosse or


            A:  We certainly offer quite an assortment of activities for our residents, but we can’t do it all! 

                  There are many wonderful organizations that offer myriad activities from sports to the arts and

                  special events.  All these terrific opportunities are listed in our magazine under “For Your

                  Information” and “Sports Link”.  Please visit our website at  


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