4th "R" Before And After School Program

As a supplement to the three basic “R’s” (reading, writing and arithmetic) that students receive during the school day, we provide what we feel is the 4th critical “R” – Recreation – before and after their academic day. 
The primary purpose of the “4th R” is to provide a local platform for keeping our youth engaged with daily physical and recreational activity, as well as to offer an alternative, centrally coordinated, convenient, safe and affordable before and after school option for our residents. We utilize a combination of indoor space, such as the gymnasium, cafeteria, and third location determined by the school, as well as the outdoor grounds when weather permits to provide group physical activities, creative/craft time, individual enrichment and study time, and various special events and themed days thrown in for good measure. 


The 4th "R" Program registration is already under way for the 2023-2024 school year! Public registration was completed via a lottery process in early May, and to that end many schools and sessions are currently full. However, we do accept registration forms on a rolling basis throughout the school year, and will add participants to the program or to the waitlist where applicable. We do turn to the waitlist to fill spots as they become available throughout the school year. To inquire about openings at your child's school, please contact our office at 860-648-6355 or via email at rec@southwindsor-ct.gov.
*Please note that the 4th "R" Program does fill to capacity each year, and there are often waitlists in place at this time. Waitlists vary based on school and session.* 

2024-2025 Public Registration Lottery

Program Hours

  • Morning Program: Monday - Friday, 7 a.m. - start of school (Parents/guardians must sign their child into the program)
  • Afternoon Program: Monday - Friday, school dismissal - 6 p.m. (Parents/guardians must sign their child out of the program)
  • Once you have registered for the 4th "R" program, you have signed up for an entire month of Monday through Friday care. There are no exceptions, nor can we customize a schedule for any family.

Bus Policy

Participants are not permitted to take a bus to and/or from school when they are enrolled in the 4th "R" program (morning participants cannot take the bus to school, afternoon participants cannot take the bus from school). Participants registered will not be on the bus drivers routes; therefore they must be signed in or out of the program.


Though application requirements for state licensing preclude 4th "R" from applying, on a daily basis the staff closely adheres to the state of Connecticut guidelines for a child care setting to the best of our ability at each 4th "R" site.


  4th "R" Registration Form - 2024-2025
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