Kripalu Yoga

Kripalu Yoga is a path to total health and well being. It is a safe, moderate practice that will gradually tone and strengthen your body. Kripalu Yoga has a strong focus on the breath. Deep yoga breathing will improve your lung capacity. Plus it is also a powerful way to calm your emotions. Kripalu Yoga is also a mindful practice that will teach you how to increase your capacity for clarity and resilience in these times. All classes end with a deep guided relaxation and a short unique meditation that will give you quick access to a deep inner stillness and your natural intuition.
Sydnie and Paul Cote' are long-time Kripalu Certified Instructors and have the skill and expertise to help you experience the profound benefits of Kripalu Yoga. 
Yoga mat recommended.
Classes will be held via Zoom and in-person.
No in-person classes will be held in September 
Location: Wapping Parks and Recreation Facility and virtually via Zoom
Dates: Tuesday AM, Tuesday PM & Wednesday PM
Time:  Tuesdays: 9:30 am - 10:45 am, 6:00-7:15pm 
Fee:  Discounted Early Fall, Late Fall- $56 (7 classes) 
Discounted Winter Session- $88 (11 classes)
September $27- 3 classes
October $36 - 4 classes
November $36 - 4 classes
December $27 - 3 classes
January $36 -  4 classes
February $36 - 4 classes
March *$27 - 3 classes
Residency: Any
Age: 16+
Registration: Fall/Winter & Spring/Summer
Instructor:  Sydnie and Paul Cote 


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